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Wedding Insurance — Jones Group Insurance Services in Marietta, GA

Wedding Insurance

Most people don't bat an eye at insuring a car or home, but what about insurance for your wedding? Your wedding day is arguably one of the most important days of your life; it only makes sense that you would ensure that nothing goes wrong that can be avoided. If four days before your wedding, you find out that the bridal boutique where you had your dress custom-made has closed shop and has taken your money and your dress along with them, who pays? Who is to blame when you, your new husband, and your wedding guests show up at your reception venue only to find that the caterers had the wrong date?
If you have a wedding insurance policy, the only person who needs to worry about these problems is your insurance agency. Though the idea of insuring your wedding does sound strange, it is becoming increasingly popular given the unsettled feelings brides have with the reliability of businesses given today's shaky economy.
Purchasing wedding insurance can protect you from the following:
  • Bankruptcy of a business
  • Natural disasters
  • Ruined photos
  • Damaged tuxedos and/or dresses
  • Lost wedding rings
  • Military deployment
  • Sudden illness
  • And more …
Don't leave your big day to chance! At Jones Group Insurance Services, we understand the importance of these moments in your life.

Pet Insurance — Jones Group Insurance Services in Marietta, GA

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is gaining popularity. With its low cost and comprehensive coverage, many pet owners are opting to insure their companions. Pet owners with veterinarian insurance coverage are now able to provide levels of care that previously were cost prohibitive. Insurance coverage for pets means that pet lovers are able to afford the high-priced as well as unforeseen medical care treatments for their animals.
Jones Group Insurance Services can customize your Marietta, Georgia pet insurance policy to cover: illness, accident and injuries, MRI, CAT scans, x-rays, surgeries, cancer treatments, prescription medications and after-hours emergency vet visits. We can provide all aspects of your pet's protection, plus you can add plenty of optional coverage and related insurance protection.
Pet insurance from Jones Group Insurance Services can help lessen the blow of the costs associated with keeping your animal healthy. A standard pet insurance policy typically includes caps, co-pays and deductibles. The cap on your coverage usually dictates how much will be paid out per year. For more information on veterinarian's insurance, contact Jones Group Insurance Services at 678-933-7873.